Introducing A Grand Auld Team

Hello and welcome to A Grand Auld Team.

This is a website about Celtic Football Club, the wonderful journey it takes us on and all the issues that surround that.

We’re a team of three lifelong Celtic fans who, having worked together professionally for over 3 years, suddenly found that relationship coming to an end for reasons outside of our control.

We all worked on the CelticLIVE project at Celtic Park, producing content for the app which was launched in 2013 in conjunction with the continuing stadium WiFi service. This was/is a service owned and operated by companies outside of Celtic, that is to say, none of us worked for the club and we’d never claim to have.

We love talking about Celtic and wanted a way to continue our relationship as a team, taking what we’ve learned from that time representing the club and turning it into a positive contribution to the online Celtic support.

First of all we’d like to say that this is a non-commercial project. This website is for us to talk about Celtic. If you like it, that’s a bonus. We won’t be serving you ads, we won’t be asking for money and we won’t be selling you merchandise.

We’ve seen a rise in fan sites operating with all these models. We agree everyone deserves to cover their costs or be paid for spending their time creating content and we wish no ill will whatsoever to other Celtic websites or personalities, it’s just not a road we personally want to go down, especially from the get go.

This is very much a community focused, posi, DIY fanzine sort of set-up.

We want to offer somewhere that you can find interesting things to read, listen to, watch and share with your friends or family.

Further to that, we did work closely with some staff at the club and very much enjoyed our time doing so. We will not be claiming to be ‘in the know’ about any matters. Even if we were (and we’re definitely not), we have too much respect for the people who work hard there every day to do the best job they can. We’re not gossip merchants and never will be.

We believe in the voice of the fans and we believe your opinion is equal to ours.

Going forward we will be writing and talking about the current Celtic team, teams from the past, fan issues, what’s happening news-wise, interviewing Celtic personalities, offering live blogs and a whole lot more we want to experiment with.

The site layout right now is basic but it’s doing the job and if we find an audience we’ll definitely be looking into ways to make everything more aesthetically pleasing.

Thanks for visiting,

A Grand Auld Team

9 thoughts on “Introducing A Grand Auld Team

  1. good luck with the new venture ! if you get time, i’d like to see a Celtic wish list drawn up – something that the fans can influence with ideas etc … a type of short/medium/long term plan to be used as an aid in helping our great club grow more / become stronger and stronger … 3 examples … 1 investment in the playing staff, 2 a new south stand (total capacity 80k), 3 a mini-stadium at Barrowfield for the kids UCL games etc, 4 contingency for when Brendan moves on, 5 doubling of the number and quality of scouts globally etc etc … that type of thing … anyway … good luck with the site, i look forward to seeing how it develops – Hail Hail

    1. Thanks Tony. That sounds like a very positive thing, it’s probably something that should be thought about while the club is on such a high too. I’ll have a think!

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